Earth Water: Giant Ocean Discovered Deep Underground

Scientists believe they've found a massive reservoir of water locked away within the Earth, roughly 700 kilometers (435 miles) below the surface. This hidden ocean is trapped inside a mineral called ringwoodite, located in the Earth's mantle transition zone.

More Water Than All Surface Oceans Combined

The amount of water estimated to be stored in ringwoodite is staggering - potentially three times the volume of all our planet's surface oceans combined! This discovery challenges our previous understanding of Earth's water and could rewrite theories about its origin.

Unearthing the Secrets with Earthquakes

Researchers made this discovery by analyzing seismic waves from earthquakes. By studying how these waves traveled through the Earth's interior, they were able to identify changes that suggested the presence of large amounts of water.

A New Chapter in Earth's Story

This finding has significant implications for our understanding of Earth's formation and evolution. It raises questions about whether water has always been present within our planet or arrived later through other means like comets.

If you'd like to learn more about this fascinating discovery, you can search for "water in ringwoodite" or "ocean beneath Earth's crust".

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