The Sun's Shield and the Interstellar Intruder.

Our solar system is encompassed by a protective bubble called the heliosphere, formed by charged particles streaming from the sun. This shield defends us from galactic radiation and other harmful cosmic rays. Researchers theorize that roughly two million years ago, Earth might have been exposed to this harsh environment due to the solar system entering a dense interstellar cloud.

The Ice Age Connection

Ice ages are typically attributed to factors like Earth's tilt and rotation, atmospheric CO2 levels, and geological activity. This new study proposes that our location within the Milky Way galaxy might also influence climate. The timeframe when Earth is believed to have traversed interstellar space coincides with a lengthy ice age period that only concluded around 12,000 years ago.

The Cloud's Disruption

The encounter with the interstellar cloud could have shrunk the heliosphere, leaving Earth vulnerable to radiation and potentially climate-altering particles. This interstellar encounter is still being explored, and the exact impact on Earth's climate remains unclear.

Future Encounters

The theory proposes that our sun has likely encountered similar clouds before and might again in the future. Further studies are underway to track the sun's historical path through the galaxy to gain a better understanding of these potential influences.

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